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Hi John and Family,

Happy Memorial Weekend.

Took some picture of Rayney (Lassie) and thought I would pass a few on. She is such a great dog.

People still(everyday on our walks) say what a beautiful dog she is. Will wait for your next litter, love to see all the new pups.  Judy (May 2010)

Cheyenne is really a great hiker, she loves to climb and she always stays within sight of me.  She is also a beauty! Whenever we are going for a walk, it never fails that just about everyone we meet tells me what a pretty dog she is...Kyle (11/11/2009)

Aspen is still living in VA and celebrated her 4th birthday in Aug.  She is a gem. People love her and admire her behavior. She walks with us off leash, loves kids and the boat.   She learns quickly and wants to go on to other situations which test her skill.  She gets bored with the same old routine.  Perfect health, perfect dog. Thanks again. Gene and Shirley Wyatt (9/15/2010)

Hello- We've been thinking of sending you some pictures for awhile now and I thought I'd do so.  We've had Sierra since May of 2007.  She gets to stay inside mostly and on weekend we go to my parents ranch where my daughter and I ride horses.  Sierra loves to visit the farm and thinks she's a herd dog.  I just wanted you to know how pleased we are with her.  She's like another child to me.  I don't work and get to spend a lot of time with her.  Sierra is sweet and friendly and absolutely beautiful.  We wished her ears would have stayed tipped but we love her no less.  Thank you, and glad to see you are still producing wonderful pups. Gina(10/14/2008)

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